2015 Sangathas

Nov 13 Importance of Silence
Nov 6 Quieting The Mind ~ Prayer
Oct 2  Relationship ~ Servant&Master[pt2]
Sept 25  BackFromIndia+Servant&MasterWeAre
Sept 18  Law of Beneficience Reading[pt2] by Kismet
Sept 4  Succession of Message ~ Casey and Shahabuddin
July 10 Report from the  Mid East(no readings)
June 15 Sound/Silence/Breath~Two Readers
June 5  Character ~ Will Two Readers
May 22 Humility ~ Two Readers    Sangatha Text Reading
May 8  Text with Three Readers       Sangatha Text Reading
Apr 24 Two Month Sangatha Practice    Sangatha Text Reading
Apr 24 Change & The Habitual Self          Sangatha Text Reading
Apr 17 Conscious Relationship with Zaid       Sangatha Text Reading
Apr 10 Towards Exaltation                                 Sangatha Text Reading
Apr 3  Obessions and Our Role                      Sangatha Text Reading
Mar 27  The Universe ~ Who Am I ?      Sangatha Text Reading
Mar 13  Global & Individual Responsibility  Sangatha Text Reading
Jan 30A  Prayer ~ Life & Death Situations – preceding readings
Jan 30B  Moral Culture ~ Sympathy            Sangatha Text Reading
Jan 16   Moral Culture ~ Intro                        Sangatha Text Reading
Jan 2    Being Adepts + Zikr.

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